If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, prediabetes, or gestational diabetes, nutrition is an impact player in your plan to help you manage your disease. Kimberly Mathai, RD, RDN, CDE, is uniquely qualified to help you make learning diabetes self-management skills a successful life change, one step at a time. She is a certified diabetes educator, with over 100 hours each year of diabetes counseling, coupled with 15 years of experience using integrative nutrition in her practice.

Tools for Success to Manage Diabetes

At Your Nutrition Design, you’ll understand the how of your disease: The interaction between insulin, blood sugar and the food you eat, explained in clear accessible language. Working with your nutritionist, Kimberly Mathai, RD, RDN, CDE, you’ll practice the tools of diabetes self-management: Managing carbohydrates, practicing serving sizes, learning how to increase fiber in your meals for blood sugar control and monitoring your blood sugar.

Customized Diabetes Care Plan

Your diabetes care plan is not a one-size-fits all approach. You are unique in your food preferences and interactions with food: When you cook, how you shop, where you eat out. Your care plan will focus on your nutrition patterns and help you identify where you may need to modify, add or change your eating plan. A diabetes care plan is not about eating less of the foods you love. In fact, it may surprise you that you can still enjoy many of the foods you currently eat. Your diabetes care plan is about making simple lifestyle modifications that you can enjoy and maintain.

Integrative Nutrition for Diabetes

In your diabetic care plan from Your Nutrition Design, you’ll learn about every day foods that are potent helpers to controlling your diabetes. At Your Nutrition Design, we commit our time to learning about the newest advances in diabetes care to better help you.