Weight Management: Food and Satisfaction

Achieving goal weight, whether you need to lose weight or gain weight, can be a challenge. A one-size-fits all approach probably won’t work for you; after all, none of us are the same size!

Customized Food Plan

At Your Nutrition Design. you’ll receive a customized food plan that is tailored to fit your unique food patterns, your shopping and cooking skills and, most important, your food preferences. With one-on-one support, you’ll learn to make better food choices in your fast-paced lifestyle. Basic exercise tips and fitness assessment tools are combined with your nutrition plan.

Eating and Satisfaction

In addition to having a solid food plan, with recipes and meal ideas, you’ll learn how to read your body’s clues to keep on an eating schedule. Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean eating less; with a successful eating plan, you’ll be eating more food and feeling satisfied.

Tools for Successful Weight Management

Getting success in weight management is not about having more discipline, or more will power. Rather, success comes with having a plan, with tools that help you avoid the traps of overeating, like impulse eating or the lure of leftovers. Kimberly Mathai RD, RDN, CDE has worked with hundreds of people to achieve a healthy weight. Kimberly brings professional expertise to help you understand how to break the behavior chains that can derail your best attempts at changing your eating habits.

Complementary Nutrition for Weight Management

As we age, meeting our goals to maintain a healthy weight can be even more frustrating. With her background in integrative nutrition, Kimberly Mathai RD, RDN, CDE, can help you understand the role of stress, hormones and changing body composition that promote mid- and later-life weight gain. She’ll provide a plan to help you deal with challenges to later-life weight management that includes lifestyle and daily food menus.